About Nina (Shantjot Kaur)

I am the founder and owner of Blossom with Nina.

I am inspired to share my incredible passion for wellness and adventure, teaching the Science of Yoga, and lighting the path for greater awareness.  My mission is to inspire as many people as possible to follow their hearts and find the quiet space (Shuniya) so they may hear their truth and tap into their vitality.

I began my journey teaching Ashtanga style yoga 10 years ago, and deepened the practice evermore when falling in love with Kundalini yoga 7 years ago, and now teach both styles with great joy.

I am an avid adventurer and ocean warrior, both free-diving and trail running, and teach other athletes how to enhance their lung capacity so they may reach their full potential in any sport.

I specialise in detoxing the mind and body of habitual and addictive behaviour patterns (repairing the nervous system) through Yoga, Nutrition and Supplementation.  I annually invest in personal growth through training and teaching yoga internationally, devoting time to learning in India, New Mexico and France.

I am blessed to share my life with my dynamic partner Peter and our four children, including our four-legged friends in the majestic Kwazulu Natal Midlands in South Africa.